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Economic Damages
Fraud Investigation
Real Estate
Trust and Estate
Ownership Disputes
Acquisition Disputes
Assessment of Financial Condition
  • Evidentia was engaged by counsel representing the plaintiff to assess the economic damages suffered by plaintiff in connection with the city council’s reneging on a prior agreement to fence-in the downtown area for a music festival just two days before the start of the festival.  The festival went on un-fenced, which impacted the plaintiff’s ability to sell tickets at previously designated access points.  Plaintiff’s music business was also subsequently impacted.  Evidentia provided trial testimony regarding damages and the case settled favorably before jury deliberation.


  • Evidentia was engaged by counsel representing a union defendant to review plaintiff’s claims of lost profits due to interference.  Evidentia examined the financial records of the plaintiff before and after the asserted interference, concluding that the plaintiff had suffered no damages.  Furthermore, Evidentia identified numerous instances where the plaintiff claimed damages from lost opportunities when in fact it had performed and had been paid for the work.  

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