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Economic Damages
Fraud Investigation
Real Estate
Trust and Estate
Ownership Disputes
Acquisition Disputes
Assessment of Financial Condition
  • Evidentia was engaged by the board of directors of a high profile non-profit organization to investigate the activities of its former executive director.  The scope of the engagement included excessive expenses incurred by the executive director, as well as the use of business credit card for personal expenses, which was in violation of the entity’s policy.  In addition, Evidentia investigated certain programs managed solely by the executive director.  Evidentia’s investigation culminated in a report to the board, including recommendations concerning the entity's governance and policies and procedures.


  • Evidentia was engaged by a non-profit serving seniors to investigate shortfalls in cash deposits.  The shortages in currency deposits were identified after the termination of its finance manager.  In order to prosecute, law enforcement requested an independent forensic report identifying evidence of not just the diversion of cash but the identity of the person or persons responsible.  Through investigation into accounting records and internal controls, Evidentia gathered evidence that the finance manager had dismantled existing internal controls, made misrepresentations to external auditors, and manipulated the entity’s accounting records.  The case was successfully prosecuted with the perpetrator sentenced to jail time.

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