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Economic Damages
Fraud Investigation
Real Estate
Trust and Estate
Ownership Disputes
Mergers and Acquisitions
Assessment of Financial Condition
  • Evidentia was retained in the role of a third-party expert to assist parties in settling an ownership dispute.  Pending final dissolution, the co-owners had each retained an operating location of the business.  Evidentia determined the relative value of assets retained by the majority owner and the minority owner, investigated assertions of accounting irregularities, and re-calculated profit sharing amounts to arrive at the net settlement amount due.


  • Evidentia was engaged by counsel for the plaintiff, a 50% non-active owner of a business, to investigate the activities of the managing member who drew unauthorized salary increases, used company funds to pay personal expenses, and failed to pay interest on the entity’s loan from the plaintiff.  Evidentia recalculated the entity’s net income over a number of years and its profit allocations during that period, demonstrating that the active member received excess distributions while the plaintiff’s distributions were substantially understated.

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